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Thursday, February 10, 2005

How do I love them?

I'm always amazed how much I love my children. I have three wonderful, smart, creative, funny children who always seem to make me laugh. (Absolutely no prejudice here!) I remember just after my first son was born, I was looking down at his tiny face and I told my husband that we could never have anymore children. Perplexed and a little wary (after all, I was a mother of all of 4 days and my hormones were raging) he asked me "WHY?" Completely serious, told him that we couldn't have anymore children, because I could never love another baby the way I love Zach. Well children and love are an amazing thing. With each subsequent birth, my heart just grew a little bit more and this overwhelming love just poured in for this new little being.

Time has passed. Zach is 10, Dahlia is 7 and baby Noah is 4. Noah will tell anyone who will listen that he is not a baby. At times they will ask me, who I love best. I love them all the best. Zachary is my creative, smart (smart aleck, at times) inquisitve first born. I love him best because he if my first child. Dahlia is my creative, smart, (smart aleck, too) middle child. I love her her the best because she is my first girl and being the only two girls in a house of males(even the cat is a boy), we girls need to stick together. Noah is my lovebug. He gives the best 4 year old hugs. He is funny, creative, and smart. He asks the greatest questions. I love him the best because he is my baby.

Sometimes, it's hard to remember why I love them so much. They fight with each other, don't do what I ask. They don't care if I have a stressful day. The list can go on. But when I stop for a second and watch them interact with each other, with their father, grandparents and friends, I see why I love them so much. I am so lucky to have them in my life.


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Christine said...

What a nice post!! It makes me think of the children's book You're All My Favorites, by Sam McBratney.

I have enjoyed reading over your site. Would you mind if I link to you in my Weekly Blog Round-up? I'd love to send some of my readers your way! (You can find my email address in my blogger profile, or on my blog.)


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