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Saturday, June 11, 2005

For the Love of the Game

Thank you to all of you for continuing to visit my site. I'm sorry it's taking so long to post something new. I'm looking forward to July. School will be out and all 3 of the kids will be in camp and for the first time I will have all of July to myself....This is a story for another time.

I love playing scrabble. It has always been a favourite of mine. When Carmi and I were dating we often spent a rainy afternoon playing the game. When I my mom visits me or I visit her we almost always play the game. I usually win, but not from my Mom's lack of trying! (sorry, Mommy, I know you read this!!!)

Zach has been bugging us to play. So we turned off the TV and we played. Dahlia, Zach, Carmi and I were the players. Noah was the parental caller. (We were playing on the floor and he was taking turns lying on our backs, and telling everybody the letters that Mommy and Daddy had.) He didn't quite grasp that the letters were a secret.

Zach and Dahlia could not quite understand or want to understand that all the words had to be real. It doesn't matter if you can make the word going down, if the word didn't make sense going across, you couldn't use it.

1/4 of the way through the game I was helping Dahlia make words and Carmi was helping Zach. Zach was quite put out that his score was the lowest. Carmi was able to get a double letter score for a z and eal for zeal a triple word score. Carmi was in the lead.

2/3 of the way through the game Noah decided that after each time you picked new tiles you should get a kiss. Then a kiss and hug. Zach and Dahlia already losing their good humour because they weren't winning, were not impressed. Noah would kiss them and then run away screaming and laughing as they tried to wack him for kissing them.

At this point Carmi and I are laughing and wondering when this game will end. Not soon enough for me!!

In the end, Zach sulked his way upstairs and slammed his door. Dahlia is doing a victory dance because she beat her brother and got over a hundred. Carmi, couldn't place 5 letters and had to subtract 17 points. Noah was dancing around the livingroom chanting "I was a good helper". I was able to beat Carmi by 2 points. (See Mommy, it's really hard to beat me! :->)

I just love playing scrabble. But is it almost bedtime, yet?!


At 4:06 AM, Blogger Ms Mac said...

Scrabble is popular in our house too. We've foud though that before bedtime is not the best time to play.

We all end up need a good sleep after summoning up the energy to explain to our children for the trilionth time that you cannot write a word backwards or in German is quite draining for all concerned!

At 6:14 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

I too love Scrabble. We have ended up not playing for points because people get too upset about catching up. The challenge in this house is how to keep the game in English and not spiraling out of control into invented words that a munchkin is insisting is probably in the dictionary!

:) Great post!


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