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Monday, June 13, 2005

What Memories are Made Of...

We had a wonderful day yesterday. On the spur of the moment we decided to drive to Port Stanley and go the beach.

Carmi had gone for a long bike ride in the morning and I was trying to clean up the basement. I had 3 kids telling me "No don't throw that out, it's my favourite!". Let's just say my frustration level was quite high.

When Carmi came home, he said we needed to do something fun. So we packed up and went off to the beach.

The kids were hungry...what else is new. We stopped off at the "Land of Tim" (Tim Horton's) to sustain them till we got to Shaw's ice cream. Yes, we were having a late lunch and it was ice cream all the way. The kids were incredulous. "You're letting us have ice cream for lunch?!" Why not I asked them. There's milk in ice cream, flour in the cones and peanuts (lots of protein) on the sundae. It's well balanced!

After our sweet lunch it was off to the beach. The air conditioning doesn't work in the van so the windows were rolled down, our hair was blowing in the wind and the CD player was blasting. It reminded us of the old days in the previous car that did not have air conditioning.

The beach was a blast. Because it was later in the day, it wasn't so crowded. Carmi stayed at the shore line the with younger two and I went further in with Zach. We all had fun playing in the water. The time just flew by.

Zach and I saw a huge dead fish floating nearby. We could smell it before we actually saw it. YUCK!! Made me wonder what was in the water that killed the fish. Maybe it's better not to wonder.

We finished the day with dinner at Mackeys-home of the best french fries. We did a drive to see the beach one last time and headed home.

Yesterday, was a day where memories were made. I know that when it's freezing in January, I'll be able to remember this day and it will warm my heart.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger jlybn123 said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the days that leave you feeling like you just couldn't ask for anything more! =)

At 3:12 PM, Blogger Peanutt said...

Very nice day!
The fish story reminds me of when we went to Florida two years back: My youngest sees a dead fish floating in the water and says "look mommy, a sleeping fish" Yes, Andrew you are correct...shhhh, don't wake him!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm gonna add you, if its okay!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Don't you just love days like that?! Some of our best memories are times when we just packed up without a plan and went somewhere, just for a change of scenery. It will be a special memory for your kids, too!

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Crazy Single Mom said...

I came via your husbands blog, I like you both! I do agree that beach days are what memories are made of, or any wonderful magical time spent with those you love!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Sounds like such a great day! I need to work on my spontaeity skills -- often, by the time I iron all the logistics for going someplace "fun" with my 20-month-old and 3-year-old, the window of opportunity has slammed shut. Maybe when they're older, right?

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Tracy S said...

Hi ..I came over via your hubby's blog ..It sounds like you guys had an awesome day ..I love family outings at the beach ..It is just so peaceful ...

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day!


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