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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just Like Me

I often hear how much the kids are and look just like my sweet hubby. It doesn't really bother me...I mean look at him, he's gorgeous!
I've been hearing about it since Zach was a little guy. When he was about a year old, a women at a shopping mall stopped us, patted me on the shoulder and said "Don't worry dear, the next one might look like you!" The old busybody!
But every once in a while I see a picture of the kids or watch them do something or their mannerism and I see me.

Today, it was Noah's turn. He received a "Jigsaw Jones" book for his birthday (his first real chapter book!) and I finally convinced him to start reading it last night.

Well he couldn't put it down, today.

It's finally a beautiful day here, and we were on our bikes (I was on a bike for the first time in 15 years...a story for another time!) and Noah had to stop.

I found him sitting on a rock in the shade reading. He was so excited and kept announcing when he got to the next chapter. He was enjoying the book so much, that he rather do it than ride his bike.

I was just like that as a kid and I am still like that! It was nice to see a glimpse of me in one of them.

Whatever you're doing this Sunday, I hope it's fun!

What do your kids do that remind you of yourself?


At 6:23 PM, Blogger WendyWings said...

Hi there, Michele sent me today,
I have two kids that I see a lot of me in, the other two I am not sure where they came from lol.
My 15 year old son is a LOT more like me then his Dad in habits, mannerisms etc but looks just like his Dads side of the family,

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the pictures I see on Carmi's blog, I think Noah looks SO much like you.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger carmilevy said...

That lady in the mall was blind. Whenever I look at them, I see you. They have your spirit. They carry themselves like you, and they even speak like you. Best of all, they're fundamentally good souls, just like you.

It's a pretty amazing thing to experience, day in, day out. And to think we're responsible for them. Neat, huh?

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I think that they look like YOU! They have your gorgeous eyes!!!

At 10:57 PM, Blogger BreadBox said...

LOML and I get the "oh, she looks just like you" or "oh, he looks just like you" and most often "oh, they look just like each other" --- which is rather amusing, since LOML and I look almost completely un-alike!
Now, as to whether or not Carmi is gorgeous, I'm not going to say, but I do recall a truly lovely photo of you that appeared oh, a few hours before your return from a trip a few weeks ago.... if two gorgeous parents get together why should we be surprised if the kids are gorgeous???


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! When my first born was born, he looked like his father, round face and dark hair. Then years later I found a picture of myself in second grade. It was like looking at my son in a dress! I didn't even realize the change. Now he has blonde hair and blue eyes and is too lanky for his own good, just like I was when I was 14.

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Moon said...

I see so much of both u and Carmi in your far as photos go..not knowing them personally...but I bet Carmi is right on the ball with is comment lol.
My daughter is also a combo of me and her father...but she has my hardheadedness and emotional spirit..not always a good thing but makes for an interesting personality lol. It's just very amplifyed right now being a teen....OY VEY!...I hope I can survive this.
As for this weekend...we went shopping for all new stuff for a brand new bathroom..we totally gutted our downstairs bathroom...removed a tub..everything..down to studs..putting in a new corner shower tiles..keeping toilet and vanity but changing the top of it with a new sink...can't wait till its OVER...will look so nice! We painted and did some upgrades all week of a hallway and the bathroom upstairs...glad thats over...just posted pics of that in blog.
Take care!

At 11:43 PM, Blogger kenju said...

My youngest looks a lot like I did when I was young, and she is built just like I used to be as well. My son is laid back like I am and my middle daughter is one who doesn't take crap from anyone - like her mom.....LOL

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Crazy Single Mom said...

When Princess was a baby, I was in a grocery store and a woman came up to me and said "what a pretty baby...she doesn't look like you, is she yours?" I was a bit taken aback! Since then I have gotten used to it, I am half korean and Princess is 1/4 but looks like her paternal grandmother who is nordic! Go figure :-) I too like the glimpses of me I see in her!

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Carola said...

I dont have kids, but I think its always amazing to see each individual characteristic that can be moulded into a child to create a unique version of themselves from their parents - if that at all makes any sense.

I can see my uniqueness from my own parents within me. From my father - I didn't inherit the looks [not to be mean but that is a slight relief!]- but i did inherit his sense of wittyness, cheekiness, willingness to help others, his practical skills [farmer], just to name a few.

From my mother I didn't inherit her strange confusion over well -everything - [once again, slightly relieved!] but I definately have her looks, her cute nose, her rosey cheeks, the fact that we cant really stop smiling, but i've also gained her great ability to laugh - and talk - and her passion to love those who are unloved, and her ability to love pretty much anything or anyone.

I am proud I have these characteristics from my parents. They are not together, and most of the time i have to look after them individually - dads health and mum's unfortunate luck with men - but thats the circle of life, and the people they are now are the people that have made me who I am.

I cant wait to hear the day your kids work this out. To be honest, most of my best points i've inherited I thought were faults. How far from the truth I was!

I always enjoy reading your words, even if I may not say much [actually I think this is the second time i've commented!].

And I do pray your mother improves everyday. I know what you mean about leaving your family. Mine are scattered over this whole state and when something goes wrong there is no 'ducking round to see them'.

And I pray that despite the speed of growth in kids, that time can still stand still with the moments you have with them!

I hope that when I do - and I do hope I do - have the chance to have a footy team or netball team [aka - kids] of my own, that I can treasure the great times like you and Carmi do.

Stay safe, Sweet.

Carola - from South Australia - always returning to make sure you are well...

PS - sorry almost forgot - Happy Wedding Anniversary! That is so exciting! And your little routine of spending the day together - that is precious. Now i want to find my special someone - but i need to be patient - it will happen when it is meant to!

WOW - did you ask for half an essay?


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

2 of our boys look like dad and 2 look like me (or my brother). It's kind of weird because they tend to have the personality of the person they look like. I guess we kind of cloned ourselves (that's what our friends/families joke). It's always a surprise though when you suddenly see the other person in someone you don't expect to. Kids are always such a wonder.


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