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Friday, September 14, 2007


It's funny how some people don't like sharing their ages. How they don't want to admit to celebrating another year. It doesn't really bother me. So are you ready? Well here goes: yesterday when I was talking about Dahlia's birthday, I neglected to mention that it was my birthday yesterday.

Are you ready for it? I turned "40"!! I can hear the gasps. 40 but she doesn't look a day over 39! :-)

Age is just what you make of it. So although I am quite stressed right now with green legged-man, when the dust settles we will celebrate the momentous occasion.

Thank you for all the good birthday wishes I received via Mr. Carmi.

Now it's your turn: Does it bother you to acknowledge another year?


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michele sent me to wish you a very happy birthday, and also to remind you that in this era 40 is the new 25.

I turned 37 this year, and I'm proud of it.

(It doesn't hurt that the guys in my theater troupe all think I'm 19, though. )

At 3:20 PM, Blogger November Rain said...

Michelle sent me to say happy birthday

At 3:43 PM, Blogger craziequeen said...

I came on my own this time, no Michele, no Carmi......

Happy Birthday, sweetie :-))

When I was 24 I didn't want to be 25, so I stayed 24 until I was 29. When I turned 40 I went away with a gang of friends to celebrate/commiserate.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger carmilevy said...

As long as I get to spend it with you, then no.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Judy said...

Hi.. I'm over from Carmi's via Michele's and wanted to wish both you and your lovely daughter "happy birthday." I hope y'all had the grandest time!

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ma'am.

Hopefully your weekend and following week will be better.

As far as age is concerned, I guess I'm one of them folks who is 41 going on 13. And my wife doesn't truly believe that her life really started until she turned 42. She so believed this that she actually named her blog "My Life Starts at Forty-Two."

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we're only as old as we choose to be.

May you think ever young and have many great birthdays to come.

All the best,


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First OFF...Happy Birthday, you young chicken you! I hope it is wonderful for you (and that Zach is doing better). I came here via Carmi. I have to laugh because are situation about bdays are somewhat similar. My oldest daughter was born the day before my husbands birthday. I was in the delivery room about 6:00 that evening doing the pushing thing. In between times, the doctor looked at my husband and said, "You know, we can slow down this whole process at wait until after midnite so you two can have the same birthday." I'm told that I swore like nobody's business. My husband said that I used words that made him blush. :)

On a side note, the doctor was kidding...but I was too preoccupied to notice that.

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Mike Davis said...

Michele sent me to Carmi and he sent me here.

Happy Birthday - you share the day with my wife and my brother.

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 40th!! Just think, you're only 40 for a year. Enjoy it and I hope you were spoiled.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Carmi sent me over to wish you a very happy birthday! Oh, 40 is nothing! I'm 61 and loving every minute of it....

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy brithday. I turn forty next June. Nice to know I have such good company.

You look so young. Makes me feel good to know we're the same age.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Shephard said...

We are what we feel. I couldn't agree with you more! I just turned 43. It feels the same as 38. It's nice to read someone in blogland not buy into the whole drama. Good for you! And good for your readers. :)

Michele sent me. :)
Happy weekend!

At 9:25 PM, Blogger BreadBox said...

Happy birthday! Hope that the break in the routine earlier in the week didn't ruin the celebrations! Especially since it was the big one!
Just think, another 15 years and you'll be approaching middle age:-)
Welcome to the 40's (the new 30's dontcha know?)

Michele didn't send me but if she knew what I was going to say, she would have:-)

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Moon said...

BONNE FÊTE!!! Hope you treat yourself with something special when the dust settles as u say lol.

I personally love every bday..and have never been one to hide my age. I do however prefer the odd numbered yrs then the even numbered ones...don't ask me to splain..I don't know why myself lol.
BTW I am 44...I was told many times in my 30's that it gets better after 40...never knew what they meant...but I can attest that it's true...maybe we just pass into a new phase of womenhood..whatever the's a good place to be...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

At 12:53 AM, Blogger craziequeen said...

Michele sent me back to see how your birthday was?

Flowers? A nice meal somewhere? Homemade cards from the kids?

Hope you had a fab birthday and have a wonderful year to come...


At 12:58 AM, Blogger scrappintwinmom said...

Happy Birthday to you!
To answer your question - no, I'm darned proud of my age. I'm right behind you - the big 4-0 is on the horizon! Michele sent me.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Ms Mac said...

Happy belated 40th birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

While I love my birthday, I don't like acknowledging another year. But only because they're flying past me so quickly.....

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Bernie said...

Well, Happy Birthday!!! (all be it late, sorry!!

Carmi sent me here to say hello, and I hope that your little Munchkin with the cast, is getting better. Also, wish the 'double digit' a happy birthday as well...

I have a new post up at berniefotoblog and more at burntofferings

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! 40 is THE magical figure! It is the NEW 30!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

No, I did not gasp that you have not read any of the Harry Potters...:D

Reading is so very personal.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy Birthday! 40 is a great age. I like birthdays, as it is my own celebration.

Michele sent me here.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger John said...

Everyone truly only has one Birth day. The rest being anniversaries of that day, so I say--what's not to celebrate? Numbers are just ways of keeping track of the passage of time. What really matters are the experiences of each day that we live. Don't act your age just act yourself.

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations - welcome to the ranks of the "mature", lol! I celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday last December. This year I will be 29 with 12 years experience!

Celebrating my age isn't an issue. It's nice to know that you and Carmi are the same husband and are are as well. we have 3 months and 6 days which we spend in different ages. I think it makes it much better.

So Happy Birthday...Bonne Fete or Anniversaire!!!

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Carola said...

Oops- seems i was a little hurried in my comment about where your slice of your birthday is [posted in the most latest blog!].

Well once again I'll be wishing you a very very happy birthday - with as many snoozes as you can squeeze into required snoozing time... when you can get it!!!

To Age or Not To Age - that Is the question.

For me, and maybe my young brain hasn't really clicked in yet but, I say bring it on. Since I was about 13-ish, I have always wanted to be the next age up. Bring it on. Lets get it started already! Now im 22, content with my age, not at all scared that in a matter of years 30 will be knocking on my door because for every year I age more, I also gain so much more knowledge of the world, of who I am, of who I want to be, of the things I love to do, and of the idea of marriage and kids.

30 is not old.
40 is not old.
Perhaps 50 could be old, but only if you let it make you old.
I know young 70 & 80 year olds. They've never stopped laughing.

The day they stop laughing, they say, is the day they get old.

I hope you never get old!



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