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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hurry Home Carmi!

Carmi and I have been together for over 21 years (Married for 13). After all this time, I miss him like crazy when ever we are apart. Anyone who follows my husbands blog knows that he is in Mtl. helping his parents move.

We spent our vacation (the beginning of Aug.) packing them up and now he's in Mtl. helping with the move. Moving is difficult in itself, but Carmi's father has health issues that are making the moving experience even more stressful. I fear my husband is aging as we speak.

Thankfully he's staying at my parent's house and is being well fed by my Mom.

The kids really miss him and we are counting the shlufies (sleeps in Yiddish) till he comes home.

I'm the primary caregiver so I deal with 90% of the children's issues, activities, etc. But I miss that big guy. Kudos to all you single parents out there. I really don't know how you do it. It's only been 5 days but I am going crazy on my own. That extra pair of hands to help out, that extra person to coral one of the kids off to their activities. That extra person to watch the kids which allows you to go off on your own, even for 5 minutes.

It's also hard for me to know that Carmi is going through a difficult time and I am not there with him.

Carmi hurry home...We miss you!


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