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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Painting's all done!

The painting is all done! They worked until 7:30 Tuesday night and 9:30 last night and they got it all done. One day ahead of schedule! It looks pretty amazing. The hallway didn't come out the right colour. It was supposed to be in a 2 tone latte colour, but is more a pinky than a brown. I love it, anyway. The kitchen is my least favourite. I loved the colour yesterday, but today, I'm just not sure. Carmi loves as long as one of us does, it's ok.

The next thing we tackle are the floors. We're hoping to take care of them in a couple weeks. Ideally, I want to get this all fixed up before I go back to school, the last week of August.

It sure looks pretty in here!

The only problem with fixing one thing, is you start seeing the other things that need to be done. We need to put new air registers in, lighting fixtures, paint the patio doors, blinds....the list goes.

By the time we have this place finished we won't want to go anywhere!

What are you working on in your house?



At 1:51 PM, Blogger Nestor Family said...

Fresh paint always transforms a room, eh? And it is relatively cheap!

We are getting a fence for our backyard. Bigger, Little Man and Littler, Little Man (ages 6 and 5) need just a little corralling still and we are hoping to get a small pool (you know, just one of those above-the-ground types) and the fence will keep others safely out unless supervised.

There is no way Hubby (NOT handy at all) could put one up, so we have hired out to have the job done, too. Maybe still headaches with that, but less.

Enjoy your new backdrops with the fresh paint! (Hope it is okay to stop by again... am enjoying your blog!)

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Moon said...

My husband and daughter rebuild the deck a cpl weeks ago, was a huge job and my 17 yr old daughter sure puller her weight, worked very hard helping him.
This week as we are expecting company on friday, we rented a rug cleaner, and did the whole downstairs and the 3 area rugs we have in the house...was overdue lol. As he was downstairs shampooing the rug, I was upstairs, moving all the furniture and washing the windows and corners we dont usually do every week...u know the deeper cleaning. Thats the great thing about company, it motivates u to do more deep cleaning then the routine upkeep lol. Feels so good when we do it though! Got rid of a bunch of stuff since we had to move everything out of the way and a friend is coming today to pick up 6 boxes full of books, and a box of 4 pairs of iceskates..yay!

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I love to paint, and agree... things just seem to snowball don't they!

I've been working on the yard. I don't think I'll ever have a "perfect" lawn, but I sure do try at it :)

Amazing it's nearly the end of August isn't it?

At 12:43 AM, Blogger Christine said...

We just bought a house, and the work seems to be endless! I've got the majority of the painting done now, but that just scratches the surface. You are so right - it's like the more you do, the more you see that needs to be done.

Painting is my favorite, though. (Not to do, but to get done.) For a small amount of money and a little work, it is a huge difference!


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