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Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh, my muscles are killing me!

Every muscle in my body aches. Muscles I didn't know exist, ache.

Our children are getting older. Both Carmi and I have shared stories about them. Noah and Dahlia have shared a room ever since he was born. But their increasing differences have made it more and more difficult. They argue every night about which music to listen to and Dahlia now 8 needs her privacy. She either runs around naked before her shower or screams at the top of her lungs (did you hear, yesterday? I'm telling you I'm sure you heard her!) that Noah can see her in her underwear. Both of them bug Zach by going into his room. "I'm almost a teenager, I need my space!" he yells after one "invasion" of his siblings.

So some bright person (who will remain nameless..I thought it was a good idea at the time) decided that Zach should have a "bachelor pad in the basement. I spent most of the summer cleaning and purging the main area of the basement and my office in the basement, as well as going through the kid's rooms. Finally I decided that we couldn't wait any longer and yesterday was the day.

Carmi and I shoved the furniture (guest room items and toys, toys and more toys) from the main area to my office. One day in the near future when I have time (hahaha!) I will turn my office into a guest room. The the shlepping began. We started to bring drawers, clothing, toys, etc. to the basement. (did I mention we live in a 3 bedroom townhouse? There are a lot of steps from the bedrooms to the basement!)

Then the fun began. We started with the bed. Zach has a lovely captains bed, that was slightly to large for the stairwell to the basement. Carmi and I poked quite a few holes into the wall before we wedged it perfectly and could not budge it. I also got my foot caught once between the frame and the stairs. Another time I started to drop it and scrapped both legs before I had a good grasp on it again. In total frustration we decided to hammer out the staples and remove some pieces so we could get it down the stairs. Carmi's suggestion to leave it there really wouldn't work as neither he nor Zach would be able to come up nor would I be able to squeeze the laundry down. After a few more frustrating minutes we were able to break it apart to get it in the basement. Carmi promptly dropped on his foot. He has a nice spongebob squarepants bandaid covering his boo-boo.

Carmi ran out to drop off Noah for a playdate, Zach to a birthday party and get some groceries. I stayed back with a very grumpy Dahlia (A. She was not going anywhere with a friend and b. It wasn't fair she wasn't moving anywhere. I had a few suggestions to where she could go, but I kept them to myself!) While Carmi was gone I shlepped some more things out of Zach's room and moved the rest of his furniture into the hallway.

Carm came back and we proceeded to move down the rest of the furniture. Everything went down smoothly but with difficulty and they were f#$%^*%g heavy! We got to the last piece of furniture and I told Carmi, there was no way I was going to be able to carry it. It's a huge one piece dresser with a book shelf, drawers and door with 4 shelves inside. We decided that Noah was going to enjoy it very much!! WE pulled out the guest room dresser from my office for Zach. It's the same style as his furniture but green instead of blue. IT WILL HAVE TO DO!

The story is over, right? WRONG!! Now we are in the process of taking apart Noah's bed to move into his new big boy room. He's crying, he wants to spend one more night in his old room. Zach is hemming and hawing, "maybe I don't really want to sleep in the basement!" and Dahlia wants to know when are we going to switch her furniture around and paint the room.

AHHHH! Totally exhausted and out of patience I told them to go watch TV. It is tough but there is no switching allowed at this time. Zach was having his new room, Noah was having his and Dahlia will get her furniture moved around before bed, but we were not painting at this time.

Everyone was finally happy at bed time. Noah and Zach needed some extra reassurance. Both told us, separately "I'm getting this room because I'm such a big boy". Yes, you're all getting so big and you all need your own space.

Every muscle in my body aches. It hurts to type. It hurt to hold Zach's toast and butter it. I won't be doing this again, that's for sure!

Dahlia wants to know if she can have the basement the next time we move the furniture. I don't think so honey. The next time we move the furniture we will be moving to a bigger house and the furniture will be the movers problem!


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Crazy Single Mom said...

Yikes!!! Ever notice how such simple plans seem to blossom into huge things in the end?? Rest those sore muscles and take a nice hot bath!!! But good for you for getting it done :-)

At 6:29 AM, Blogger carmilevy said...

Now I know why I didn't become a mover. Pushing words around a page or a screen is so much easier on my poor body than shlepping outsized pieces of furniture up and down stairwells that were not designed to accommodate them.

I'm glad they're so happy with their new rooms...makes it all worthwhile.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger Tawn said...

ahhh - michele sent me and as i read down saw you mentioned carmi - you're his wife!?! (i "met" him @ michele's too)nice to "meet you" i saw the beautiful photo he posted of you the other day.


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