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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There is a new addition to the household!

What a face! Meet Frasier, the newest addition to our household. Yes, life wasn't crazy enough, so we decided to throw a dog into the mix.

We have been talking about getting a dog for about 2 years now. We are animal lovers and after we put our cat Shadow down, we so desperately missed having a pet...well we did have fish. But I didn't have a very good track record with that. So lets hope I am better dog mommy :) !

Fate stepped in. Frasier was a dog in need of rescuing. He is 8 months old and was living with a family who could not take care of him. So he is now one of us! Life will never be the same for him. If the other family didn't pay enough attention...this one pays too much.

Carmi and I took him to the groomers today. We took turns holding him and petting him while it took the groomer over 2 hours to wash and shave (pretty much all over) the mats off of him. Why would people get a dog...if they won't take care of him? Frasier was such a good boy. I think he knew that we were helping him. He was so dirty that we had to call back all the people who we called yesterday to tell them that he was silver/grey and not black and white like we thought.

He is so sweet. He has the cutest bark and gives you the best greeting when you come home from work.

At times I feel a little overwhelmed. I know once the honeymoon period is over the kids won't be helping as much and most of the responsibility will be left to me. However, I feel that we have saved this little puppy's life and hopefully make it better. I know our lives will never be the same and will most definitely be enriched by this little guy.

Well, do you think we're nuts...3 kids, full time jobs and now a dog. What do you say?


At 12:48 AM, Blogger The Parson said...

As a fellow Schnauzer owner...welcome to the club. We have a 13 year old who is totally spoiled, but still quite the pup. Raised with our boys, she's now an empty nester like my wife and I...and our one remaining, spoiled, at-home child. They're wonderful dogs. Enjoy!

At 10:11 PM, Blogger rennratt said...

I'd say that Frasier is truly blessed to have you.

Dogs that have had it rough generally know when they don't any more. Love him, hug him, and give him many treats. You may also want to 'make' him a blanket (old cloth will do) - and have each family member "wear" it around their neck for a while.

When you leave, be sure to put the blanket in his crate/room. That way, the "family smells" will be around for him while you are out. It could help him adjust and keep separation anxiety/lonliness to a minimum.

Just be prepared for the 'neurotic' potential. He may be afraid of strange things (the dryer, lights, heat vents...). Animals that have been treated poorly tend to be odd.

Congratulations on owning this beautiful boy!

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Anna said...

He is so beautiful. I grew up with a Schnauzer and they are wonderful pets...your kids are going to love him so much! :)

At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gawsh!!!!

OK, this might seem odd, but follow along with me here.

You know the B.C. comic? If you've read it with any regularity, then you've seen when a rock stands up and cries out something like "Clams gots feet!!!" (for an example, go here:

OK, so I came here, bidden by Michele to go and say hi. I enjoyed your post and thought, "what a nice blog. I think I will bookmark this one and read some more now. I love reading mommy blogs and she seems cool." So, I continued reading. I was reading this post and you said "Carmi". Now, I have only heard that name ONCE ever in my life. My eyes flew to your profile. London! Onterio! I threw up my arms and exclaimed "Carmi's Wife gots a blog!!!!" - much like the rock in B.C.

OK, by now I know you think I'm cracked, but I can't tell you how cool this is. I've admired Carmi's blog for two years now and wondered about the woman who is his homeside support and so obviously a wonderful wife and mother - and I found you completely by accident!

OK, so I've made a complete fool of myself, but I can't help it. I love meeting people and I adore love stories and I enjoy behing able to find both halves of a whole.

But of course, I have to make a total complete fool of myself, so now I'm going over to Carmi's place to have a cow over there. See ya!


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