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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My babies are growing up!

No matter how hard we try to stop it, our babies are growing up.

Noah had his first sleepover (that was not at his grandparents' house) at a friend's house last night. Of the 2 of us, I was definitely the more nervous one. Noah was gung ho! He'd been wanting to do this for such a long time. He's my baby, but the one who's most ready to grow up. He was supposed to stay for the afternoon, then he stayed for supper. Then I received the call that his friend's parents would like him to sleep over. He was so cute.

Zach was at a friend's house and stayed there for dinner.

Dahlia was at one friend's house and then we picked her up and she slept at another friend's house. Carmi and I ran around and packed them both up and went to deliver the items to the children. It's bad enough we're a taxi service for our kids, now we're a taxi service for their clothes. :D

It should have been a relaxing evening, but we were running around providing clothing for our children. We finally had dinner at 9:30.

It was really quiet this morning!! Since Zach was an only child this morning, we took him out for breakfast for a treat. We wanted to reward him for the great work he has done this semester in school.

It was a really lovely weekend, and I am writing this instead of working on my report cards. The height of procrastination!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend, too!


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