Adventures of Motherhood

I am a harried mother of three kids who move at light speed and a husband who lives in a world of words. If that isn't enough, I teach in an elementary school as I slowly watch my hair turn gray.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Birthday Man in China

The big boy in China is having a birthday today. He hates talking about his age, so I won't give it away...but it does go with lordy, lordy, someone is turning ____. You can tell him...I didn't tell you his age. :-)! It was kind of fun and weird for us to wish him a happy birthday yesterday, when his birthday is today. Well where he is it was already today!! We joke that this big birthday will really last for 36 hours instead of 24.

It's funny when I found out that he was going to China, my first reaction was that we weren't going to be together for his birthday. It's his first birthday in 23 years that we are not together. It makes me sad. But what a way to celebrate your birthday!

The kids and I stood around the computer and sang Happy Birthday to him and marveled that it was tomorrow there when it was still today here. The kids said they wanted to go to China for their birthdays because they last longer over there. They are so funny. Dahlia also told him not to worry if he doesn't have time to buy us anything because everything here says "made in China" God they crack me up! Note to Carmi...bring them something back from China!!! But don't listen to Zach...I don't want any real panda bears!

If you get a chance drop Carmi a line and wish him a happy birthday, too. I know how much he loves the friendships he has developed with all of you.

Carmi, I hope that this coming year brings you all that you are hoping and wishing for. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and know that only good things will follow. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you when you get home.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Eagle has Landed!

I was never so relieved to get an email as I was this afternoon. I finally heard from Carmi and he has safely arrived in China. I hadn't heard from him in 30 hours. It is the longest we have gone without communicating with each other in about 20 years.

It was even better this evening when we were able to talk through google talk. It was like he was right next door, never mind half way around the world.

I am so excited for him. It will surely be a one of those lifetime experiences and I can't wait to see and hear all about it.

Well, there is a cute little puppy wanting to go out and since his usual before bed-walker is a little too far to take care of it I guess I will be the one to do it for the next little while.

Have a good night and a happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big Man is China Bound!

As many of you know my hubby Carmi is China Bound. We are all very excited for him. We've become used to his travelling and at times were almost blase about it. "We'll miss you but we'll see you soon." But this time it's very different. He's not going to be gone any longer than usual, but he's going to the other side of the world!

It totally freaks me out that he will be flying for so long. I really feel like I don't breathe until I know he has landed. Does that make sense?

We have all the computers set up so we can talk to each other. Although one of us will be talking in the middle of the night...want to guess which one it will be? Can't be Carmi, because I will be at work when it's his middle of the night! :-)

I know it's an experience of a life time for him. He will be there on his birthday and what a memory for him. He couldn't decide which camera to take and finally decided on the Nikon. I can't wait to see China through Carmi's eyes. I know they'll be spectacular.

I wish him a safe and exhilarating trip and never mind tiring as well! I can't wait for him to be home with me and kids again, soon.